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There was a world once where Microsoft wasn't born yet and Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniac were making history together. It started as a hobby in a garage. Steve Wozniac would take apart calculators and build circuit boards. These circuit boards would later become the Apple motherboards that run our Apples. When Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniac came together the result was Apple computers. It is also interesting to note that in the time while IBM was looking for an operating system to run all the home PCs that they were staked to deploy... Steve Jobs was offered the chance to use the Apple OS. Jobs turned down IBM and Bill Gates stepped in and made billions in our lifetime. Apple lost this but trudged along to become something else. Macintosh remains stable. It runs on Unix now and doesn't have a registry or viruses (not really). It has other problems as an architecture, but has become just as important as PCs for different reasons over time.

Fullyrealized, LLC likes Apple. We also like PCs. They both do a great job at the tasks that they are deployed for. Apples are still wonderful for those that want a stable way to function outside of a Windows world. There are many things that Windows does that Mac can also do. The difference is that the user of a Mac has to know more than how to plug the computer in. Pc's are more ready to run right now in a Microsoft world, but Macs are a way for people who don't mind the learning curve to do wonderfully creative things as well.

We have deployed our own Macintosh computers to join our Windows domain. It was work and effort but was very worth it. The wonderful thing about the choice is that you don't have to make it anymore. Macintosh and PC hardware is made by the same manufacturer Intel now. This has provided a bridge that we have never seen before. Living comfortably on one side or the other or both is now very comfortable and easy to do.

We enjoy our Macintosh machines and want to deploy them correctly. If you separate the Operating Environment from your data and also clone the Operating Environment into a bootable partition then you have autonomy or self reliance on the Mac platform. This process is similar in concept to the partitioning schema mentioned on the End The Virus Cycle page where you completely eliminate downtime on the PC. The idea is clear that if you separate your OE (Operating Environment means only operating system, drivers, settings and software without data) from your data and have a way to backup your data and restore your OE then you do not ever have to outsource to anyone. A well deployed Mac is so much more powerful than it is out of the box.

We will be very pleased to discuss Macintosh questions, issues or concerns. It is our pleasure to explain to anyone how we can improve on an existing topology. As described all over this website... our mission is to educate people so that they need us less and rely on their own sets of tools and KNOWLEDGE to work out problems or obstacles. You can't hold proprietary rights to knowledge in our humble opinion.

Please feel free to contact us in regards to Macintosh computers. We love our Macs.

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Our company is based on some very important underlying principles. In the university they taught all about ethics and morals. It was interesting to learn about them in a didactic way, but what separates Fullyrealized LLC from the others is a genuine intention to DO WHAT IS RIGHT.

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Windows 7 was surprisingly refreshing at the end and provided a level of stability close if not equal to that of XP. Windows 8.1 can be very manageable if set up correctly as well. Please refer to the Operating System History page to understand more. The history of Microsoft operating systems and the marketing strategy as well, help the consumer understand what operating system to purchase and deploy. XP is very stable still and will be for years to come. Windows 7 is quite a bit of fun and has a 64 bit offering to go with it so there are many great Microsoft choices available!

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