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If your Windows machines are within your control and you have ways of making mistakes and "going back in time" when you do, you can harness those machines to do whatever you want them to. Camera systems and security systems are very simple if the right planning is done.

It's funny in retrospect that this service we offer now was serendipity. We discovered it by accident. our clients would come to see us and be so impressed with what we had that they wanted it as well. We realized quickly that there are not many TRULY qualified camera deployments out in the free world. In order to run cameras that can be controlled and recorded safely they need to connect to at least one RAID server. If the camera technicians don't have proficient and controlled computers already in place and know how to use them at the very least then the work they do is truly in vain. In order to deploy a camera system that the user can control, it is crucial that the user understands and also controls the computer topology underneath it all. All of our clients already have that control and so adding cameras that they can view from their laptop from anywhere in the world was easy for them to acclimate themselves to.

There is an underlying theme with our business.We want very much to give people the freedoms and autonomy that we have been given by having the computer proficiency that we do. We want people to understand how to use what we give them, and what is more not to have to rely on us or anybody else to solve problems that they can solve on their own. Cameras are not an exception to this rule. Having cameras that you can use sometimes is nice, but having cameras that always work and are sitting upon stable and controlled computers puts the end user in a position of true power. Please ask us about this service.

Please contact us about our camera deployments. We take security systems very seriously and want all our clients to rely on their cameras like we do.

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Our company is based on some very important underlying principles. In the university they taught all about ethics and morals. It was interesting to learn about them in a didactic way, but what separates Fullyrealized LLC from the others is a genuine intention to DO WHAT IS RIGHT.

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Windows 7 was surprisingly refreshing at the end and provided a level of stability close if not equal to that of XP. Windows 8.1 can be very manageable if set up correctly as well. Please refer to the Operating System History page to understand more. The history of Microsoft operating systems and the marketing strategy as well, help the consumer understand what operating system to purchase and deploy. XP is very stable still and will be for years to come. Windows 7 is quite a bit of fun and has a 64 bit offering to go with it so there are many great Microsoft choices available!

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