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Thank you for visiting our website! This website is a great window into what we stand for as a business and how we want to help the masses at large. We hope sincerely that the content in our website brings you closer to the wonderful services we enjoy providing. We have many resources that can be shared here on this site that allow clients to have complete autonomy. Imaging tools and the careful attention to deployment gave our company powers we didn't have before. It wasn't the ability to fix the problems that befell us, it was the ability to "go back in time" to before the infection or problem even happened and not lose any data in the process. So we got off the Virus Cycle long ago. It's just hard to watch other companies benefit from voids in the marketplace that they can solve through selling. We don't buy into any of it and we stay stable all the time. We know where our data is and we never have to reinstall anything. NO MORE VIRUS PROBLEMS for our company or any of its clients!.

When a computer or system of computers are deployed correctly and honestly, the end user has control and always knows where the working set of all their data lies. We have lived in this burgeoning computer market long enough to feel the pangs of the unfairness. Anti virus software is truly a confusion to the retail consumer. It doesn't work in windows machines unless an expensive UNIX based proxy is installed. It actually makes complete failure more imminent and relinquishes complete control. Yet it's sold and perpetuated regularly.Virus scanners can not act quickly enough ever and so they get to the root of the problem too late. The machine has been infected and the damage is done and now quarantining the object that offended and subsequently deleting it does not remediate the damage to the system. The anti- virus software now runs continuosly in the background on a system that has become unstable and can not support the processes of the anti-virus itself anymore. The anti- virus software actually makes complete failure happen faster. It is not a protection but at a minumum can be seen as an alerter. As an analogy, an alarm system in a home that goes off will alert us of an intruder, but clearly does not solve the problem if the intruder is already in the home with the intention to do harm. If the intruder had intention of doing harm regardless of the consequences to him or herself then even if this intruder is stopped directly after the fact or "caught" the alarm system was useless to prevent the intruder from accomplishing the initial goals. This is a perfect analogy actually. The answer to this problem of anti virus software lies in a simple topology choice and a modicum of education. The irony is that the solution is simple and just not made privy to the average retail user most probably because the task of educating is incredibly arduous for the few of us that truly "get it". We at Fullyrealized LLC want to bridge that gap between the retail market which covers the majority of American computing and the small and obscure world of the Network Administrators.

Please read on and peruse what interests you. The hope here on this website is strictly to educate whoever is interested. We like to use this web venue as a great place to Level The Playing Field. We want to help people to educate themselves and then use the tools that we do to absolve us of all sorts of common issues. We achieved almost everything that we have because we don't have the problems that we used to.We use the tools described here on this site to truly fix issues and then be able to move forward and do the work that we truly desire.

As a final thought about ethics... we are a proud member of the BBB. We strive to do what is morally and ethically right at all times. The BBB is a very good place to start for businesses that want to earn the respect and trust of the members of their community.
We do offer travel so please do not hesitate to ask. The following is an extensive list of our immediate area of support, however we can arrange easily to extend this periphery with some advanced notice. Thanks.

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Our company is based on some very important underlying principles. In the university they taught all about ethics and morals. It was interesting to learn about them in a didactic way, but what separates Fullyrealized LLC from the others is a genuine intention to DO WHAT IS RIGHT.

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Windows 7 was surprisingly refreshing at the end and provided a level of stability close if not equal to that of XP. Windows 8.1 can be very manageable if set up correctly as well. Please refer to the Operating System History page to understand more. The history of Microsoft operating systems and the marketing strategy as well, help the consumer understand what operating system to purchase and deploy. XP is very stable still and will be for years to come. Windows 7 is quite a bit of fun and has a 64 bit offering to go with it so there are many great Microsoft choices available!

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