End The Virus Cycle

End the Virus Cycle

The problem with the retail market is that they want your problems. They want your problems to persist. Your problems become the retail market’s opportunity to score big with product and service sales. When you FAIL they make a SALE. The retail market unskillfully makes it very easy to get confused. They sell you a machine with one big sinking Titanic ship “C” drive. They give you special places on that sinking ship “C” drive to store your data. Everyone is familiar with the special places like “My Documents”, and “My Pictures”, and “My Music” and of course the cursed DESKTOP location. When we store our precious “stuff” in these places (which they created for us to use simply out of necessity because educating people on what is described below is another task altogether) we lose control of our data when the machine fails. The consumer is then forced to call for help. They have been waiting for you on the retail floor…They want to sell you hundreds of dollars in useless scanners (that actually make the problems worse) and charge you for a complete reformat and data migration when the inevitable problems ensue. The retail market wants ALL OF YOU TO FAIL. They want to be there to sell the fix and they do everyday. The individual that knows the retail market’s wheel of convolution uses an entirely different set of tools.

We don’t have problems as network administrators. We at Fullyrealized, LLC bridge the aforementioned gap between marketplaces. Fullyrealized, LLC wants your data to ALWAYS be entirely separate from the drive that runs Windows. We also want you to have a tool that brings your Windows environment back directly AROUND your entire working set of data. We want every consumer to have the knowledge and use of the tools we are about to describe. Below is a very valuable explanation of how to stay in control of a Windows based machine.

When talking about “ENDING THE VIRUS CYCLE” one needs to be clear on “the how” and “the what” aspects. We have found that explaining this in person is a wonderful way to convey the following ideas, but use of a laptop or demonstrative devices is always part of it. Visuals always help. Here on the web, the closest thing to this personal consultation is a graphical representation. In the following graphic it is very easy to see the standard hard drive layout for a retail based machine. In the retail market the computers are deployed with one huge sinking ship “C drive” When all your data is placed in the same container that Windows is running, all it takes is one virus or spy-ware infection to take the entire system down with all the data as well. When you can’t access the C drive (due to virus or spy-ware attacks for example) you can’t access your data without outside help. This means that not only has your system failed but your data is held for ransom inside the failed c drive. The following is a standard retail shipped hard drive configuration:

Single partitioned hard drive

Instead of being stuck in such a Titanic Sinker such as the above C drive, one can partition the hard drive in very meaningful ways. Ways in which the end user has complete control and autonomy over any software related problems including viruses and spy-ware. Full control at all times without loss of data or outside help truly ends the cycle. These concepts are deployed readily outside the retail market… but the retail market as a whole prefers not to make anyone privy to this because it gives the consumer control and removes the need for repeat business due to failures that can’t be solved internally. It must be noted that it is an entirely different set of skills to educate people and so to be entirely fair as we put great energy into providing education as we are aware that the task of educating the masses is a very hard job. Nonetheless it is not fun for our company to observe people making purchase decisions without knowledge of the topology explained here. Keeping people in the dark is a great strategy for making money, but not a great one for making satisfied customers. Our company is driven to “Level the Playing Field” instead. Take a look at how this hard drive’s allocation gives the user complete control and long term stability:

Hard drive with multiple partitions

Now it is hopeful from the above provided that you understand the concepts and that ANY user ANYWHERE can have complete control and autonomy over their Windows machine without outside help. The user never loses data and always has a fresh environment to load and use to manipulate that set of data. The entire process to “go back in time” around a perfect working set of data takes only minutes every time you do it. It can be done as many times as you choose. There is no limit to how many times you can completely come back to a sane and controlled work space and know your entire working data set. It’s just control and clear delineation between the Operating Environment and Data. If the above information is understood then a wonderful set of newer technologies can also be presented. Virtualization is this newer technology and is a way to take hardware and consolidate its resources.

The above concepts are used in virtualization and so understanding what is above will lead a consumer down a path of complete computer awakening and provide means to move forward with some amazing features and options present in today’s marketplace.

Please end your cycle today. Contact us anytime.

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