Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

Louis Buono

I started working with Fullyrealized, LLC about 10 years ago purchasing laptops with a system they created to safely restore my environment in the event of a virus attack. As my company grew my needs grew with it and it was important that I started to develop a solution to manage, store, and back-up my day to day operations and information securely. I realized with the ever changing technology world, it was becoming even more important to safeguard from potential viruses, hacks and security breaches from the outside world. I began to rely heavily on Fullyrealized LLC and the team to create a network solution that was powerful enough to handle my business yet cost effective. Being a small business owner keeping to budget was a critical aspect of the project. It was a learning experience for me. Fullyrealized brought needs to the table that I was unaware of but realized they were a necessity. All their ideas revolved around the safe guarding of my information. They take time to really understand my business and its’ unique IT needs. He created a personalized service plan that has helped streamline our business processes. They have developed a strategic and thoughtful approach that allows me to communicate with my team with extreme ease while allowing me to access my information anywhere and at any time. Since they began managing our technology, there has been a significant reduction in server downtime resulting in increased productivity and enhanced efficiencies. Fullyrealized has developed relationships with my team that allows them to feel comfortable when speaking to them about any issues that may arise. Fullyrealized LLC continues to provide me a peace of mind knowing that my technology is protected and always up and running.

Louis Buono Jr.
McDonalds Owner Operator
Rochester, NY

Dave Feldman Heating and Cooling

My name is Dave Feldman. I own and operate a Heating a cooling business in Rochester, NY. My network has been serviced by Fullyrealized LLC for 12 years now. Fullyrealized built my network from the ground up twice now over the span of these years. We had a wonderful Server 2003 and XP domain originally and although great for its time since then we have moved ahead to deploy a Server 2012r2 and Windows 7 domain system. We have some windows 10 virtual machines available on our current network also. We have been very happy at Feldman Heating and Cooling with our network through the years. It has been user friendly and stable and has offered us the ability to manage our information totally on premise with assurance of security and stability.

Over the years we have been introduced to very powerful and helpful technology. We have been given systems that are essentially self-healing in nature. Each point on our network has a failsafe that allows for a “going back in time” or complete restore of the system if and when a problem presents. We have been introduced by Fullyrealized LLC to Virtualization technology and so this has allowed us to add many services to our existing network while keeping the physical footprint very light. This current system we have is a blessing that keeps on giving.

We have an on premise Exchange Server that has been a gift unto itself. We have full control of our mail, contacts, calendar and notes. Our exchange is stable and well protected and it has greatly improved our productivity. We are fortunate to have such powerful tools at our fingertips. Having mail served internally was one of the best network topology decisions we have made with Fullyrealized LLC.

Another great feature we have on our network is a Pfsense gateway. With Fullyrealized LLC’s help we have come to realize how wonderful it is to have a secure router in place to protect our assets from this very precarious Internet word. The custom system built for us with Pfsense has given us many wonderful features in addition to its rock solid security. It has given us a reverse proxy and a Fully Qualified mail forwarder as well. We never have to worry about ransom-ware or infections actually. We have been protected and feel confident that we will stay that way under the guidance of Fullyrealized. We at Feldman Heating and Cooling are very grateful for what we have on our network.

Please feel free to contact me if there are any questions about the integrity, workmanship and over all great performance given to us by Fullyrealized. We will be happy to sing our praises.

Dave Feldman
Owner and Operator
Feldman Heating and Cooling
Rochester NY