Level the Playing Field


Let’s level the playing field shall we? Fullyrealized, LLC has been in this computer business for years and has come to develop a very important set of skills that stretch beyond the average computer outfit. The ability to level the playing field is the only fair thing to do in this burgeoning computer market. What is leveling the playing field? It’s making sure that before any money is transacted or expected that our client or prospective client understands exactly what they are going to get out of our services. This means taking time in the beginning to sit and consult for absolutely no charge or obligation. We will not accept money at all until we know that the playing field has been leveled.

There is always a varying divide between what we know and what our clients know about computers. We do not want this divide. Our company works very hard in the beginning and then straight through any services rendered and deployed to make sure we are sharing tips and tricks and giving the client as much knowledge and understanding about what is taking place as they are interested in having. We don’t appreciate much of the computer marketplace’s propensity to keep people in the dark. We think it is insidious. A consumer has an inalienable right to understand as much as possible.

Just to give some insights into the marketplace…there are many companies that support computers all over the world. There are really only two main submarkets within.

We like to call it the land of the “knowing” and the land of the “know – nots”. It’s a paradigm of the old expression “the haves and the have-nots”. The retail market which covers 95 percent of computer sales and service falls into the land of the “know-nots”. The retail market is designed to sell a litany of processes and services which don’t help anyone but the company who is selling them. They are very much about keeping people in the dark and planning their customers next computer failure. Anti-Virus in the retail market is not used skillfully. Its very use hastens the consumer’s rate of failure.. When the consumer fails they come back to that retail market and buy more products and services over and over. It’s a virus cycle actually. It’s an expected failure that’s timed well. Then there is the other world of the “knowing”. This encompasses high end network administration. This is where powerful and autonomous tools are used. Full image restoration and separation of operating system and data are paramount in this land of the “knowing”.

When Fullyrealized, LLC levels the playing field we work exceedingly hard to bring knowledge and understanding of the powerful tools the “knowing” deploy while also making consumers keenly aware of the insidious traps and pitfalls in the retail marketplace. Our company is the bridge between the two very separate marketplaces. We feel we have succeeded when our client has been given the keys to unlock their kingdom. We feel we have succeeded when the tools of the “knowing” have been deployed and that our clients UNDERSTAND ALL OF IT. It’s very important that we give our clients autonomy and knowledge. We want to help people to help themselves. Our company will never hold knowledge proprietarily as that’s not our place. The best way knowledge can be used is to give it away. Please feel free to contact us anytime.

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