VoIP system deployments

VoIP System Deployments

Voice Over IP is a growing technology. Its a great way to integrate the phone systems of the past and turn them into a unified system of communication. VoIP allows for ordinary phone calls to become part of a larger schema. The ability to transfer calls and route calls is great, but there is much more offered by such technology.

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VoIP systems can integrate directly into mailing systems. If an on premise mailing system is used such as Microsoft Exchange it’s very seamless. Unified Messaging is made possible by use of Voice Over IP. This allows for phone systems to pass along the voicemail to the mail server for processing. The feature of speech recognition allows for these voice messages to be automatically transcribed and placed in a users inbox as text. Along with this transcription is an mp3 file with the original recording. It allows for reading your voice mail instead of listening to it. It also allows the phone system to integrate into daily activities under one umbrella (typically outlook). So a user can manage calls along with the email, contacts and calendar events. It’s a unified messaging center when set up properly.

Another great feature of VoIP is being able to communicate with other people in the organization from ANYWHERE in the world with no long distance charges. The VoIP system uses the internet to transmit the phone calls and there is no meter on the internet. Its a wide open and free technology to those that harness it skillfully. Technology such as this can pay for itself almost immediately in long distance charges that are removed from an expense sheet.

Key Features of setting up VoIP are as follows:

  • Work When & Where You Want – One very popular and common feature of business VoIP systems is called “find me/follow me.” Instead of having separate numbers for your office, cell phone, and home office, you have one “virtual extension.” You can program the virtual business phone service to ring all of your extensions simultaneously, or in a specific order, and you decide how to handle a missed call. You decide if a call should go to your voicemail, or to another extension. When you make a call using your cloud phone system, the receiving caller ID will show your business phone number, regardless of which device you are calling from.
  • Flexible Messaging Options – There are a number of business phone service options available that make retrieving and maintaining your business messages very simple. With Voicemail Transcription, you can read the message in your inbox, or receive it as a text instead of listening to it. Let’s say a client calls you about a fax he needs, and leaves a fax number on the message. With a few clicks you can virtually send the fax as a PDF to that number.
  • Multiple Numbers on Demand – Building a multifaceted business phone service with any kind of localized number or vanity number. Whether it’s business VoIP solutions for small business, enterprise, or contact center, communications is only as strong as it is dynamic, with multiple numbers, all having specific assignments to fulfill. Some business Voice Over IP phone providers will offer these additional numbers for free, or an additional small monthly fee. Explore options to find out if a provider supplies key components beyond a local number such as toll-free numbers, virtual faxing, and virtual extensions.
  • Auto Attendant (Virtual Receptionist) – This feature works as an automated receptionist able to greet your callers with customizable recordings, and direct them to departments, individuals, extensions, etc. through unique menus.
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) – This feature is essentially a more advanced version of the call hunting feature; however, instead of routing to one set number of phones, this system is smart enough to connect the right individual for each individual call.
    •Business SMS – Keep your personal and business phone number separate. Send business related text messages to clients, colleagues, and departments professionalism.

Fullyrealized LLC supports and deploys 3CX products. 3CX is a wonderful way to have VoIP technology run on premise. It allows for secure and easily manageable Voice Over IP systems to be had readily and inexpensively. The 3CX interface is very user friendly for administrators and users alike. Its a very smart way to get the most out of this technology.

Please contact us anytime about our VOIP services. We are happy to help.