Smartphone maintenance & repair

Smartphone Configuration & Repair

Fullyrealized LLC is happy to discuss smart phones and the seamless integration into the users personal information. We also know that other important elements are stored on smart phones such as pictures and music. The following list of phone services are important to pay attention to:


  • Phone and contacts
  • Camera
  • Email
  • App Store
  • Notification Center
  • Settings
  • Messages

Smartphones are ubiquitous today. Everybody in the western world is integrating this technology into their lives. They are very adroit devices provided that skillful measures are taken to deploy them. Smartphones hold three very important databases of information. One is the email. This is a very prolific means of communication today. Another is the calendar. This facet on the smartphones allows us to organized our limited time to be where we need to be on time. Another equally important database held on the phone is the contact list. This contact list is becoming ever more involved and holds more and more information as time goes on in each and every contact. One of the most complex problems for many individuals is managing these three prolific databases and most importantly controlling them.

A smartphone when purchased has the three above facets (email, calendar and contacts) that need to be addressed. Migrating these from an older phone is where people become aware of the disparity between what is on their computers and what exists on their smart phones. It becomes evident to many people (especially those using Outlook to manage their mail on the computer) that there is duplication and missing entries between both sets of data. It becomes further clear that if a contact, email or calendar event gets added, deleted or changed on either devices (computer or smart phone) there is a disparity between the two devices. If more than one computer is used for Outlook or more than one smart phone is used it becomes increasingly clear that managing these three important databases becomes almost impossible. Duplication, overlap or plain missing events in one device or the other becomes extremely evident and makes the “smart” phone not so smart after all. There is an incredibly simple solution to this problem and a very succinct way to manage all these devices where everything that is done in them regardless of which one, when or where is seamlessly synchronized with the others behind the scenes. This means that if you add a contact on the smart phone with all the ensuing information for example, (with email, phone numbers and address) that this informatio automatically populates identically in the computer email client or web based connection. Simply put if a few proactive, intensive and easy to deploy steps are taken the above problem gets solved permanently. Once set up accordingly, truly whereever you go and whatever device is used there you are with your current information. Smart phones are wonderful when they are set up to synchronize information from a central location.

Having a solid handle on this above information is also important. We can repair and recover lost information from smart phones when called upon to do so as well.  We are just one smart phone call away. Please contact us anytime.