Security camera deployment

Security Camera Deployments

If your Windows machines are within your control and you have ways of making mistakes and “going back in time” when you do, you can harness those machines to do whatever you want them to. Camera systems and security systems are very simple if the right planning is done.

It’s funny in retrospect that this service we offer now was serendipity. We discovered it by accident.  We realized quickly that there are not many TRULY qualified camera deployments out in the free world. In order to run cameras that can be controlled and recorded safely they need to connect to at least one RAID server. If the camera technicians don’t have proficient and controlled computers already in place and know how to use them at the very least then the work they do is truly in vain. In order to deploy a camera system that the user can control, it is crucial that the user understands and also controls the computer topology underneath it all.

Security camera

Camera/surveillance systems are a must for businesses or homes that want to secure their assets. Having a camera system that is on premise (as opposed to the clouds) allows full control of the feeds. Fullyrealized LLC deploys on premise camera systems. These systems are for nobody’s eyes but the client or person that runs them. These systems are secure and further are relatively easy to set up if the proper planning is used. We are great fans of GeoVision systems. This particular camera system can be set up and deployed on premise where access by the client to these feeds in real time can happen easily from anywhere in the world. It is easy to view such cameras from any device such as an IPhone or Android. It can also easily be accessed from any authenticated remote computer as well. Its important to have access from anywhere while eliminating anybody else from accessing the same. Security of the system is important.

Business Benefits are as follows:

  • Employee Theft:
    Sure, it might be hard to imagine that your own employees would actually steal from your business, but surprisingly it does happen more than many business owners might think. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, approximately 75% of employees steal. Unfortunately in this day and age, one of the only sure-fire ways to catch them in the act and reclaim your assets is with a surveillance camera. When employees know they’re under surveillance, they’ll think twice before taking such a risk.
  • Reduce Insurance Costs:
    This is an easy way to save money on your business insurance. Many insurance providers today offer discounted insurance rates when you buy surveillance cameras for your store or office. As a business owner with insurance, it’s important to invest in certain measures to avoid expensive insurance premiums. A dependable indoor or outdoor surveillance system assures your insurance provider that you’re taking the necessary steps to protect your business from theft, which in turn, makes their job easier. Your business suddenly becomes less of a liability on their end.
  • Workflow Monitoring:
    Are your employees actually working the full 8-hour shift, or are they spending their time doing something else? Employee monitoring is not just for recording theft. With the right surveillance cameras, you can find out what your employees are doing, and if any measures need to be taken to boost efficiency. This is especially helpful for retail business owners who can use monitoring to find out if they’re over- or understaffed. Just two minutes of video can tell you a lot about your company’s operational model.
  • Avoid Frivolous Lawsuits
    The last thing you need is a lawsuit brought by a disgruntled employee who faked a slip-and-fall injury in order to sue your business. Security cameras are excellent deterrents against these types of crimes. Physical fights between employees or harassment claims can also spawn lawsuits; installed cameras will be integral in protecting yourself and your business.
  • Safer Workplace
    Protecting your employees is just as important as protecting your business. Security cameras should be mounted at entrances, exits, and in parking lots to create a safer environment for your employees. No only will they feel more at ease walking to their cars after dark, but this security tactic also prevents vehicle break-ins, vandalism, and other petty crime activity around your office or store.
    Security cameras can do much more for your business than catch criminals. When all is said and done, they’re designed to secure, protect, and monitor your company and employees. Discover how easy it is to safeguard your assets, better serve your employees, and improve the day-to-day operations of your business with a surveillance camera that’s built to help in more ways than one.

Home surveilence systems are also very useful for the following reasons.

  1. Video surveillance enhances your existing home security system.
    As a homeowner, you may have already installed a home security system. These systems come in all shapes and sizes, from notifying you when someone opens a door or window to alerting the police of a break-in, like the SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security System. A video surveillance system with features like this one can record the actual events in and around your house, acting as a second layer of information when it’s time to solve the crime.
  2. Video surveillance allows you to monitor your home anytime, anywhere.
    These days, you can do everything from your banking to setting your thermometer on your mobile phone. Smartphones allow us to store our most important information right in our pockets. These days, you can also use your smartphone to watch the activity that’s happening in your house. Companies that sell video surveillance systems have features that send the video feed right to your phone, along with security alerts, so you can stay up-to-date on what’s happening with your home while on vacation or at work.
  3. Installing a video surveillance system could save you money.
    According to Farmers Insurance, one of the top 5 ways to reduce homeowner insurance premiums is to make your home safer. Insurance companies define safer as “anything that can reduce the risk of damage being done to your home.” By installing a video surveillance system in your home, you’re taking a step towards making your place of residence safer and more secure. Catching any activity that causes damage to your property on your video surveillance camera is one way to positively impact your homeowners insurance rate.
  4. Video surveillance systems are easy-to-use.
    It’s important to use frameworks and technologies that work for you and fit your lifestyle. Video surveillance can be a great “set-it-and-forget-it” security system for busy people. Most companies will take care of upkeep and maintenance of your system. Once installed, you’ll only be responsible for knowing how to use the software on your computer or smartphone where you can see the video feed.
  5. Video recordings are the best evidence for court cases.
    One of the main reasons you might install a video surveillance system is to prevent and deter crime. If a crime were to occur at your home, you’ll need to have a record of what happened in order to solve the crime. The best way to do that is to have indisputable evidence, and video recordings are great tools for the courtroom. Although you may not use it on a frequent basis, court-ready recordings can be a real asset if you’re involved in a criminal case.
  6. Even though you might be thinking of video surveillance as a safety tactic, it can also be used to check up on your family, kids and pets when you’re away from home. Since most video feeds can be streamed right to your smartphone, you can see if the dog is behaving or if your child made it home safely after school. Video surveillance systems work to keep your home safe, but they can also provide you with peace of mind.
  7. Video surveillance holds your household staff accountable for their work.
    At your home, you may employ a variety of people to help you upkeep your home. They could work inside, like a housekeeper or a chef, or work on the outside of your property in the garden or yard. Since these people are under your employment, you are paying them for the services they provide. By using video surveillance, you can be sure your employees are doing their jobs as agreed upon. There’s little dispute on what has and hasn’t been done with video evidence.
  8. Video surveillance systems can communicate with the authorities for you.
    One aspect of your security plan is how you will alert the authorities to a possible theft or crime. Depending on where you are in your home, you may not have a phone readily available when a crime occurs. A benefit to installing video surveillance in your home is that you can utilize your security company to communicate with the authorities for you, ensuring that no matter what happens inside your home, police are immediately notified of the situation.
  9. Video surveillance systems can monitor low-traffic areas in your home.
    In a business, dark corners or long hallways are prime spots to place your video surveillance system. This is because these areas have low foot traffic and are hard to see, making it a criminal’s dream. The same can be said about your home in areas like your garage, backyard or other areas that are not well-lit or traveled. Installing a video camera to monitor these areas will allow you to have more eyes on your property than humanly possibly.
  10. You can use video surveillance in lieu of other monitoring systems.
    Beyond a home security system, special circumstances in your life may call for other monitoring systems in your home. For example, newer models of baby monitors display a video feed from a crib to a handheld device that a parent can take anywhere in the house. Instead of adding another costly system, video surveillance can be a low-cost way to keep tabs on your baby. You can use the same system for dogs, seniors or anything else you’d like to monitor in your home. Video surveillance systems have many uses and benefits when used in the home. These systems can double as baby and pet monitors, and can also keep you safe by alerting the authorities of a crime. Even if you’ve already installed a home security system, coupling that with a video surveillance system will create the safest environment for you and your family.

We take security systems very seriously. Please contact us about this service anytime.