About FullyRealized

About FullyRealized, LLC

Our company is based on some very important underlying principles. In the university they teach all about ethics and morals. What separates Fullyrealized, LLC from the others is a genuine intention to DO WHAT IS RIGHT.

It is our company’s mission to deliver products or services free of hidden agendas. Fullyrealized, LLC actually began years ago as a way to fight back. We didn’t like what we saw in the retail market. We didn’t like that fact that we found tools and procedures that prove how unnecessarily confusing the computer market really is. We disliked the fact that virus scanners (ALL OF THEM) not only didn’t work, but made complete failure happen faster. We want to share the powerful tools and procedures of the qualified network administrator in the hope that the client takes wings to fly on their own. A chance to fly well beyond the confining lurches of the retail computer market.

We personally enjoy the opportunity to share all the pitfalls of the current computer marketplace with new and old clients. It feels like an unveiling sometimes. We remain grateful that we are no longer personally affected by the confusing marketing campaigns of the retail computer market. We know the tools and procedures to allow all of our systems to run without processes and without failures. We don’t rely on anybody to get us out of debacles and disasters. We have the keys to the (computer) kingdom. Interestingly achieving this is not that difficult. It can be understood and learned by everyone actually.

We are a computer technology firm servicing Rochester, NY (Which includes peripheral areas such as Pittsford, Brighton, Henrietta, Fairport, Irondequoit and Greece) Philadelphia, PA and most of Bucks County, PA (Bucks County includes such popular locations as Bensalem, Fairless Hills, Feasterville Trevose, Langhorne, Levittown, Morrisville, New Hope, Newtown, Richboro, Southampton, Northampton, Warminster, and Warrington but is not limited to other small towns and districts within a short distance of Bucks County itself). We specialize in helping businesses and individuals gain tools to help them succeed with computing in their daily lives. We fix computers. We remove virus problems completely for good. We set up networks. We build websites. We set up unified communications. We strive to make other’s lives better in all that we do.

We always feel great when clients tell us in many ways that they are truly better for knowing our company. We are happy to accept new clients. Please contact us anytime.