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Website design is a very important facet of this burgeoning computer world. The information super highway has taken the front lines today. The chances of success without a well defined and organized website is much few are further between than it was a decade ago. One of the big things a website brings to the table in today's marketplace is credibility. Whether it is fair or not, a business seems more credible with a proficient website in their marketing arsenal.

One of the first steps in website design is clear. Make sure that the code that is written underneath what the user sees is well defined, correctly coded and has room for growth. Many websites we see today work well, but leave the user no room for growth later. If simple changes to a website require hours and hours of work then the website was not coded correctly. There are clear ways to create a website with uniform and modular code that relieves almost all maintenance issues. When a website has been coded modularly it means that changes to a page or a group of pages can be achieved by changing one variable in cascading style sheets. If CSS (cascading style sheets) has not been used or has not been used correctly, the website admin is left with a daunting and time wasting task of making a change 432 times in 432 different places for ONE change. CSS is a clear way to modularity and centralization of code.There are many tools available now as well such as Word Press that allow the user to modify the built website from a back end engine ON THEIR OWN. Another one we are quite fond of is Joomla. There are so many great tools now that allow people to modify and change their site, manage its content and overall appearance without outside help or knowledge of any code. Wordpress and Joomla are top notch web platforms!

Another important feature of website design is understanding the prospective target market. Good marketing is paramount to success in any business. Website design and deployment is just one facet of good marketing. All the tools we learned in business school such as the 4 P's (product, price, place, promotion) must not be ignored. It is also fun to have flash and glitter, but what is forgotten often and is much more crucial is careful deliberation in target marketing. That is, what group or groups of consumers are we as a company trying to get the attention of? It is nice to have an overflow, where several market shares are giving a website attention, but careful concern for the intended market segments is crucial to a businesses' marketing success.

Website content is something we feel is extremely crucial at Fullyrealized, LLC. Our company wants to bridge the gap of the "Knowing" and the "Know-Nots". We are truly divided from the marketplace as a company and so the website clearly follows suit. It can't be understated that this is where we want to be as a company... Similarly, we will sit and devote diligent attention to your company's content needs and arrive at a plan for tone and marketing angles that work perfectly. It's actually the hardest part of a successful website. Content will make or break a website regardless of gold and glitter.

We strive to make every website clean, clear, easy to navigate and full of correct code. Rogue code or code that is not done well may look good in the beginning, but there is a mess to contend with with every upgrade needed.

Our business takes that into account always and works closely with the client to hone in on the prospective target market as well. We love website design and what is more we love when we see a business flourish due to a well deployed marketing campaign led by a prolific and proficiently designed website. And the end of a site we build we give the client full access and ownership of the site.

One more problem in the world of website design is issues of control and true ownership. If a company builds a website for a business and does not give them the entire html or php folder holding their website code and any possible database included then the ownership of said website is up for debate. If a company does not hold the html folder or database engine in their possession at all times then they have relinquished control and autonomy, and what is more, is completely reliant on the designer to help them always. Sadly we see many businesses spend large amounts of money on website design for their company and don't realize they have no control of the site until later on. A simple rule here would be that if you can't control your website's root folder and put it on a hard drive of your own ON YOUR OWN, then sadly YOU DON'T REALLY OWN THE SITE. The company must have full control and ownership of this html/php folder and have the power and ability to take it to any qualified web designer any time anywhere in the world for support. One of the first things we do at Unique IT Approach is hand over the entire html folder, php folder or code engine to the client when the site is finished. That's very important to our company. It follows suit with everything we do that we want our clients to be in control and have autonomy and self reliance. We want to help people, not own them.

Please contact us anytime about our website design. We will be happy to go over these ideas and any others that come to mind. We are very pleased to educate people about whatever it is they need to understand. Call or email us anytime.

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Our company is based on some very important underlying principles. In the university they taught all about ethics and morals. It was interesting to learn about them in a didactic way, but what separates Fullyrealized LLC from the others is a genuine intention to DO WHAT IS RIGHT.

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Windows 7 was surprisingly refreshing at the end and provided a level of stability close if not equal to that of XP. Windows 8.1 can be very manageable if set up correctly as well. Please refer to the Operating System History page to understand more. The history of Microsoft operating systems and the marketing strategy as well, help the consumer understand what operating system to purchase and deploy. XP is very stable still and will be for years to come. Windows 7 is quite a bit of fun and has a 64 bit offering to go with it so there are many great Microsoft choices available!

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