Louis Buono

I started working with Fullyrealized, LLC about 10 years ago purchasing laptops with a system they created to safely restore my environment in the event of a virus attack. As my company grew my needs grew with it and it was important that I started to develop a solution to manage, store, and back-up my day to day operations and information securely. I realized with the ever changing technology world, it was becoming even more important to safeguard from potential viruses, hacks and security breaches from the outside world. I began to rely heavily on Fullyrealized LLC and the team to create a network solution that was powerful enough to handle my business yet cost effective. Being a small business owner keeping to budget was a critical aspect of the project. It was a learning experience for me. Fullyrealized brought needs to the table that I was unaware of but realized they were a necessity. All their ideas revolved around the safe guarding of my information. They take time to really understand my business and its’ unique IT needs. He created a personalized service plan that has helped streamline our business processes. They have developed a strategic and thoughtful approach that allows me to communicate with my team with extreme ease while allowing me to access my information anywhere and at any time. Since they began managing our technology, there has been a significant reduction in server downtime resulting in increased productivity and enhanced efficiencies. Fullyrealized has developed relationships with my team that allows them to feel comfortable when speaking to them about any issues that may arise. Fullyrealized LLC continues to provide me a peace of mind knowing that my technology is protected and always up and running.

Louis Buono Jr.
McDonalds Owner Operator
Rochester, NY